- Investor Strategies - Part Six



“Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money.” - Jackie Mason

Making significant and consistent profits from trading Penny Stocks is an easy thing that is hard to do - if that makes sense? Just keep in mind, that if you take your investing casually – odds are you will end up an investing casualty – just like the majority of “casual” investors do. But, Wall Street exists for a reason – public companies exist for a reason – investors exist for a reason; all because they can and do make money investing - or they wouldn’t “exist”, or at least for very long. The key for an investor to make money and keep “existing” is to learn then apply a consistent and effective pattern/method/plan for investing that limits risk while maximizing profits. Also known as having your cake and eating it too. It’s possible, if not probable, if you take the time to learn then apply the proper strategies, formula and plan that is the best and most profitable for you. We’re not suggesting you run out and quit your day job just yet – but we do know many investors (especially our Green Baron members) who were able to do exactly that because they learned and/or developed a method of trading where the highest and best use (H.A.B.U.) of their time was to indeed “quit their day job” and do investing full time. That didn’t happen for them overnight, it wasn’t always easy, they took their lumps and losses and lessons learned along the way of course, and adjusted accordingly. They didn’t just learn the tricks of the trade – they took the time and effort to actually learn the trade (pun intended).

Every investor is different just like every investment is different – but after a while (and a few trades) you will notice a certain amount of consistency and many times predictability to trading penny stocks. There are no crystal balls or guarantees in this business – but there is a way to make a good and consistent level of profits, bolstered by minimizing the risks associated with it. That’s what these investing strategies are all about helping you do; minimize risk and maximize profits. Hopefully you found them to be worth your time learning and then applying – and of course make a ton of money in the process!

Miss Jane Hathaway: “Chief, haven’t you ever heard of the old saying, ‘it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game’”?

Mr. Drysdale: “Yes I’ve heard of it – and I consider it one of the most ridiculous statements ever made”.

The Beverly Hillbillies - TV series

Good Hunting!

The Green Baron

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