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The Green Baron Investors Society is a private investment group of Penny Stock traders learning and working together to trade only the highest quality Penny Stock picks. All Green Baron "Featured Stocks" are selected and thoroughly analyzed by our "Stock Review Board" and only chosen based upon our very strict criteria - Each Company featured must have a positive share structure, successful business model and operations, capable and experienced management, transparency and good communication by the Company with its shareholders and the investment community. We specialize in identifying Penny Stocks that we feel are on the verge of a major break-out in the near term as well as strong sustainability over the long term.

The Green Baron “Stock Review Board” is comprised of some the most experienced, savvy and successful Penny Stock traders on Wall Street, many with us since our inception in 2002. They are also willing to share their best strategies and formulas for successfully identifying and profitably trading Penny Stocks (See our "Investor Strategies" section of this website).

We only send out our Green Baron Reports and alert our Twitter followers when we select a new "Featured Stock" and/or a major event occurs with one of our Featured Stocks that we feel may affect share value.

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