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BitFrontier Capital Holdings Inc.  (BFCH)

T: 540-736-3069

BitFrontier Capital Holdings is a blockchain-oriented company focused on the cryptocurrency markets


BitFrontier Capital Holdings business plan is to concentrate on cryptocurrency related investments and development opportunities through cryptocurrency mining, investments in private and/or public entities, joint ventures and acquisitions of blockchain related companies. BitFrontier Capital Holdings has two wholly owned operating subsidiaries, BitFrontier Capital Investments, Inc. and BitFrontier Technologies, Inc. The Company is currently building its own warehouse specifically designed for hosting cryptocurrency mining equipment. Cryptocurrency mining (e.g. bitcoin mining) entails running ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) servers or other specialized servers which solve a set of prescribed complex mathematical calculations in order to add a block to a blockchain and thereby confirm digital asset transactions. A party which is successful in adding a block to the blockchain is awarded a fixed number of digital assets in return. BFCH also recently completed its acquisition of TelesisIT


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BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc. (BFCH)

BFCH UPDATE: After nearly 3 years the next 10 trading days are the time to place your bets on BFCH one way or the other. We’ve provided as much analysis and opinion below as possible to help you decide (heavy on the “opinion”).

None of the normal trading strategies apply to BFCH at this time; often referred to as a “Special”. “Special” stocks only come along once about every 3 to 5 years even for active traders. “Specials” can make you rich in as little as 30 to 60 days (and The Green Baron Baron has featured several in our 20 year history). “Specials” can also drive you crazy and cost you a fortune instead of making you a fortune as well as tie up (or evaporate) crucial investment capital and reserves. As of today we are gauging BFCH to be 65 / 35 that it is indeed a “Special”. The next 10 trading days should reveal the truth.
The Green Baron Report first featured Bitfrontier Capital Holdings, Inc. (BFCH) to our members at .0075 - We are currently awaiting an official announcement by BFCH that Crypto mining operations have begun and possibly other important details regarding the Company and its operations which have probably been held back pending “Pink Current” status and removal of the “Stop” sign. Undoubtedly frustrating for shareholders but we see it as the preferred option.

Therefore, we feel there will be no formal announcements or updates from BFCH before becoming "Pink Current" - which we feel could happen very soon based on the latest Company update (see below). A Company PR / Tweet on Feb 19th announcing the “Company’s Miners are Online” broke the stock out which coincided perfectly with basically the entire Crypto sector (especially miners) doing the same thing and sending them all to ATH’s including BFCH to .54 (see “Special”) – peaking in April followed by a decline across the entire sector due to internal and external factors in the sector – some of which obviously affected BFCH. But there are other reasons for BFCH’s current price struggles besides what sector and business they’re in. Keep in mind, technically BFCH is NOT in the business of “mining” yet until they publicly announce it – which we are confident they will once becoming “Pink Current”. The window of time for that event is fast approaching the end. (next 10 trading days?).

(plural). The Company is several Q’s and an Annum behind (see STOP sign). The resolution date of corporate filings issues are determined by pending complete and successful filings submissions per OTCMarkets’ requirements and could occur at any time without notice to investors or even the Company itself. There is a possible explanation for NO word at all from the Company; OTC has verbally conveyed to BFCH they require no additional information or amendments and at this point their filings initially “look good” and OTC will get them posted ASAP followed by the removal of the “Stop” sign and upgrade status to “Pink Current”. If this “possible explanation” is correct the CFO would know to just shut up and ride it out knowing the status change is coming soon. Again, very frustrating for shareholders but the preferred option IF we are correct. OTC must review all the submitted information, possibly require and/or return for amend additional information before “approval” and “posting” and “removal” of the “Stop” sign and re-designation to “Pink Current”. We feel this is the primary reason the new CFO was brought in and he seems capable of getting it done. We feel the “general” backlog at OTCMarkets combined with the multiple filings, etc., required “specifically” for BFCH may have extend all of the above out to 30 to 45 days upon successful submission of all required filings by BFCH. Which per the Company’s latest Tweet would put them currently in our above mentioned “10 day window”.

BFCH - MARCH 26 - “The first of two truckloads of dielectric coolant has arrived. Additionally, our newly appointed CFO anticipates all filings needed to bring us pink current will be completed and uploaded by the end of the first week of April.”

NOTE: Due to the stigma and especially Broker/client trading policies/limitations/restrictions regarding securities with a "Stop" sign by many Brokerages their clients/investors are unable to trade BFCH at this time; “Pink Current” will change that bringing in a whole new and “eager” audience of investors. Again, this is why we feel the company is anticipated to withhold all public dissemination of information until after the status change to "Pink Current". It makes no sense for the Company to do otherwise IF they anticipate (and have met the requirements) for a status change.

PLACE YOUR BETS: Did BFCH submit their filings per their “anticipated” deadline of the first week of April? Were those filings complete or close enough with minimal additional requirements from OTCMarkets to start the status change countdown to THEIR 30 to 45 day window which would put us currently in OUR 10 day window? Will BTC currently holding above $50k give hesitant Crypto investors the confidence to enter or re-enter the sector, specifically mining companies, creating a share price reversal of the current sector wide downtrend AND initiate a rebound among mining companies – hopefully to or past recent ATH’s? Will BFCH drop further in price before “Pink Current” and if so, how low, and will it remain there long enough for you to obtain your full desired position? If BFCH becomes current and then announces they are mining (with numbers) will they then drop a bombshell PR soon afterward that will send the share price into the dollars range? There are “rumors” to that affect. Wow, that’s a lot of “bets” – but that’s the nature of “Specials”. That’s what makes them “Special”. Investors, the market, the company and the stock must hit ALL their marks – and at the right times.

NOTE: Coincidentally The Green Baron issued its last “Buy” report for BFCH at .072 – we NEVER issue “Sell” recommendations on any stock. We simply refer all members to our “Investor Trading Strategies” on our website to help YOU determine the best trading strategies for yourself. 

FYI: 2 weeks ago we conducted our 2ndTheme Song” test on BFCH and saw a 38% increase in “listens” from our first test in March of last year! That is one of the strongest 2nd test increases we’ve ever had; a very good sign. Also, we found a pretty decent BFCH message forum with active and informed shareholders (yes they do exist). Our CEO recently had our staff create an account for him and on occasion provides us content to post there for him. (Not sure if he will continue to do so? And we only post exactly what he provides and only when he provides it to us). Some forum participants have even personally visited the BFCH facility in VA and posted pics on the message forum. Check it out if you get a chance.   The forum also provides users with several analytical and tracking features in addition to interactive chat. It actually reminds us of our original Green Baron website back in the day.

TRADERS NOTES: The next event we are looking for is OTCMarkets re-designating BFCH to “Pink Current”. IF that occurs we anticipate soon afterwards a formal Press Release and Social Media update on operations and possibly some “Forward Looking” projections for the Company with hopefully decent mining capability and revenue projections. We anticipate the first level of resistance between .12 to .18 – if the share price holds above .28 for 3 consecutive trading days we see no reason BFCH will not return to previous highs above .50 – if the share price shows strength above .68 we anticipate it will break a dollar. If BFCH can create a new base above $1.26 with sufficient BID support and no massive selling we may be looking at a multi-dollar stock by year’s end. BUT it all starts with the status change to “Pink Current” which we believe “should” occur in the next 10 trading days (our “window”). “Pink Current” will create a new level of awareness, confidence and ability to trade by investors. The beginning of mining operations makes BFCH an actual “mining” company and that will bring in a whole new audience. If so, the current share structure and company’s future potential and capabilities may give BFCH a chance to join its contemporaries in the multi-dollar range. If BFCH becomes current AND begins mining that will make BFCH the “cheapest” game in town (ground floor) and FOMO might create a buying frenzy not only among current shareholders but also investors in other mining companies – many of them cashed up from those other stock’s recent run-ups and eager to try a repeat in BFCH. 

Set your NEWS & SOCIAL MEDIA ALERTS for BFCH, ( check out the BFCH message forum (link above), and be ready to act fast upon ANY positive events, news or updates.

THOUGHTS FROM OUR CEO: If you want loyalty from a stock, IPO your dog. Lest you fall into a “STOCKholm Syndrome” typical among many OTC investors of “all is forgiven” after a 5 day run up in the stock after weeks, months and even years of neglect and abuse by a company towards its shareholders. Leopards do NOT change their spots; and if BFCH does not hire an experienced, capable and third-party Investor Relations firm immediately we do not anticipate the current “Leopards” running this company to change their spots anytime soon. Therefore, our Review Board’s “current” consensus regarding BFCH is to reciprocate the same loyalty and support for the stock that the company has shown to its shareholders. So, our plans as of today are “up and out” (of between 50% and 80% of our holdings), letting the rest “ride” just in case of a major breakout down the road and possibly providing investors a Pop, Stop, Drop and Roll op. There is money to made in rubble and after the past year that is pretty much what the world, our country and our new government has left us; “rubble”. We feel what has happened recently to the entire Crypto sector is the “Big Boys” realized they missed the ground floor Crypto boat and have been using all of their weight and resources to suppress the entire sector to finally enter it full force at much lower prices – and their plan (sector wide shake) is working. Once they load up at the bottom THEN their actions and attitudes will change. Which is why we plan on keeping a portion of our Crypto stocks for the longer haul. However, the “Powers-That-Be” will be using their resources, including major corporations to further depress the “little guys’” ability to make wealth in the markets. As usual they will be getting help from the largest corporations (whose stock we have already been priced out of) but they will also need select companies on the lower exchanges (NASDAQ – OTC) to help them as well. That is where our future opportunities will be. The overwhelming majority of Featured Stocks by The Green Baron over the past 20 years have come directly from our Society members, so keep your eyes and ears alert for small cap companies that find themselves lucky enough to be recruited into the firing squad currently aiming at us. If you find a worthy candidate for our Review Board to consider Contact Us on our website. Keep in mind those “select” companies will receive an abundant amount of financial and regulatory assistance and their share prices will reflect that. Our goal is to identify such companies at the ground floor level. Here’s why we still see “green” in BFCH’s future and maybe lots of it; all the other mining companies have done or are doing what they do. But BFCH has not accomplished the ONLY two things we originally chose the stock for; “Pink Current” and commencement of mining operations. All other mining companies have already accomplished those, making BFCH “Special” in that regard. BFCH has not had its turn at bat yet – which is why we bought our ticket to this game in the first place. The current “quiet period” by BFCH since their last update is either really good news or really bad news and as stated in this report we should know within the next 10 trading days – but a lot can happen in 10 days – both good and bad. The best defense and offense is to monitor BFCH every minute of the open market for the next 10 days or until you make a decision either way – then accept that decision for better or worse. Personally (key word “personally”) I believe BFCH has probably already started limited mining and in fact has purchased more miners for an accelerated schedule and to begin construction on the next building – I say that because I believe it is the Company working with one of their largest Whales “cashing up” via (CDEL) to accomplish that – there’s way too much money and potential at stake (for both) not to. I also believe the filings were submitted to OTC around the anticipated time frame and it is now OTC’s backlog that is causing the delay in status change, hence news. I also think BFCH has made a “new friend” lately that will be revealed in a PR soon that “might” launch us into multi-dollar land? But we will know none of that until we are “Pink Current” which the experienced CFO has to be telling the un-experienced CEO to wait for. The Green Baron Investors Society’s strength is in our numbers and the fact we work and stick together (proper social distancing of course) – which is why we’ve been one of the top penny stock pick entities going back to 2002. We have always accomplished more together. Good job.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in The Green Baron Investors Society. And as always, GOOD HUNTING!