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The Green Baron Investors Society has members in all 50 states and around the world  – that’s a lot of investors looking for and analyzing the next Penny Stock about to break out they can share and discuss here with their fellow Green Baron Society members. If you are an active Penny Stock trader you are absolutely in the right place at the right time. We hope you join us!


Joining The Green Baron Investors Society is fast, easy and best of all absolutely FREE – You simply subscribe to The Green Baron Report and you will be sent our “Welcome and Confirmation” email at the address you subscribed with. (you can unsubscribe at any time). That email will contain a “Members Only” email link that you can use to directly communicate back and forth with us to submit your own Penny Stock ideas, input, analysis and opinions, etc. on Green Baron and any other Penny Stocks you like. Every email we receive is reviewed immediately (time is money) and you will receive a “personal” reply back from our staff. We welcome and thoroughly review all stock suggestions and input from our members – that’s how we built our solid and well known reputation over the last 17 years for picking consistent winning stock ideas!  Once we decide to “Feature” a particular Company/stock we along with our members and “Stock Review Board” continue to monitor the stock and continue to provide each other additional input, opinions and due diligence which when warranted we then pass along to the rest of The Green Baron Society members via our Green Baron Reports, website and/or Twitter alerts


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Again, it’s not mandatory but we strongly suggest that you also follow The Green Baron on Twitter – it is the fastest and easiest way to receive immediate stock alerts and updates on Green Baron Featured Stocks. When we select a “Featured Stock” and/or a major event occurs with any of them that we feel will impact share value we also notify our followers on Twitter as well as via The Green Baron Report Follow us on Twitter



You choose what level you wish to participate in The Green Baron Investors Society; you can do nothing more than subscribe to The Green Baron Report and open a few emails a month to receive (and possibly trade) select Penny Stock ideas that you know have been submitted and thoroughly reviewed by our members and Green Baron “Stock Review Board” – or you can participate by also submitting your own stock ideas, input, opinions, analysis, etc., via the “Members Only” email link we provide you in your “Welcome and Confirmation” email – or if you’re interested (and qualify) you can become a member of our “Stock Review Board”. You choose your level of participation in The Green Baron Investors Society


Comprised of select Green Baron Investors Society members that have proven themselves skilled, knowledgeable and experienced Penny Stock traders – some of them have been Board members since our inception and are willing to dedicate thieir time and effort to share their knowledge, expertise and experience with our members as well as help review and analyze all stocks "Under Review" and/or being considered as a Green Baron "Featured Stock". We rely very heavily on their opinions and analysis when selecting which stocks to feature to our members

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