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 About The Green Baron Investors Society



The Green Baron Report and this website were created to give investors hope, confidence and a strategic advantage in trading low priced stocks. The Green Baron's team of experts is dedicated to provide  our more than 750,000 members of The Green Baron Investors Society with a steady stream of low priced stock picks that we believe offer limited downside risk combined with significant upside potential. Each company must have a very compelling story with both strong fundamental and technical reasons that make our suggested timing of an investment appear ideal.


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When The Green Baron Report plans to debut our new Green Baron “Stock Picks” and “Stock Alerts”, we alert our databases several trading days in advance and identify a precise time of release of our initial profile. We also promote coverage of our stock ideas to potentially millions of other investors around the world through various media, TV and Internet venues. That's a lot of eyes to put on one stock in a short period of time! We believe we have one of the largest investor audiences on Wall Street as well as one of the most impressive track records for picking strong performing stock ideas...and we are extremely proud of both.


Stocks featured by The Green Baron Report often see record volume and price increases immediately following our initial profiling. Our system works and our results are real. In order to maximize your results with The Green Baron system we have provided the following information below.


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The Green Baron Report

Description of Green Baron Stock Coverage & Sections


FOCUS “STOCK PICK”:  Only a select few of the numerous companies we consider each month actually qualify as a Green Baron Focus “Stock Pick” and earn a place on our storied homepage. Since inception in 2002, The Green Baron Report has issued about 82 Focus “Stock Picks” and we stand by our results by posting them on our home page.  The percentages posted next to the stock symbol represent the difference between the price that we originally profiled the stock and the subsequent high.  We try to alert our members about a week ahead of time before a new “Stock Pick” is released. Featured “Stock Picks” receive detailed profiling and analysis in our Green Baron Reports, Updates and Webcast Interviews...Green Baron “Stock Picks” are monitored closely on our homepage and on the "Stock Profiles" page of our website. Visit Focus Stock Picks page for more information.


“STOCK ALERT”: The Green Baron team of experts will sometimes come across a stock that has tremendous upside potential, but is not an official Green Baron Focus “Stock Pick”.  We may have covered the Company previously and there are recently announced developments that deserve greater focus.  We usually believe the stock is technically poised to make a big move up, and it would only take one more fundamental development to see the stock break out.  We will provide a lengthy report with supportive reasons why the stock should trade higher particularly over the short-term, and will try to notify members ahead of time when a new “Stock Alert” will be issued.  Each of these stock ideas will be specifically identified as a "Stock Alert", and not a "Stock Pick". 


"TRADING ALERTS"  This section focuses on stocks that we introduce to our members supported by research provided by a respected third party.  These are companies that we believe are worthy of investment, and we expect a big move up particularly in the extreme short-term.  These stocks have not been thoroughly researched by Green Baron staff, and therefore are not supported by a more in-depth profile.  Under the sub-section “Trading Alerts” on our website and our reports, we will provide a link to the independent research or BUY recommendation, a short description of the Company, and in some cases, we will conduct a Green Baron audio-taped webcast interview to allow a key person discuss the merits of the Company. Website


HOMEPAGE: One of the most important methods we use to keep our members informed about late breaking developments, news alerts or other important events is through the two scrolling text marquees located at the top of our homepage. Be sure to check the marquees as often as possible, especially during market hours. Also located on our homepage is information about our current and next focus stock pick, links to informative articles by Green Baron staff and contributors, our storied Stock Pick Performance Chart, snap quote, streaming ticker and access to a 7 day free Level 2 trial offer.


LATEST REPORT: Provides a copy of our most recent Green Baron mailing. We post the Latest Report to our website soon after it is emailed to members, but all should JOIN to ensure you receive our reports in a timely manner.


STOCK PROFILES: Contains the corporate profile and analysis of all Green Baron  “Stock Picks” as well as performance tracking chart. Each profile provides navigational links to each company's website(s), chart, CEO Webcast, news, etc.


CEO WEBCASTS: Contains all Green Baron CEO Webcasts where you can listen to CEO's and Corporate Leaders discuss their company and its investment potential. Get your due diligence straight from the source thanks to our exclusive Green Baron interviews. Click on the webcast you would like to listen to then just click the Play button.


REPORT ARCHIVES: This section contains all previous Green Baron Reports, Updates and Alerts. Simply click on the desired report to access.