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The Three Types of Green Baron Coverage

Stock Picks Trading Alerts Stock Alerts

Only a select few of the numerous companies we consider each month actually qualify as a Green Baron “Stock Pick” and earn a place on our homepage. 


These companies receive detailed profiling and analysis in our Green Baron Reports, Updates and Webcast Interviews


Green Baron Picks are monitored closely on our homepage. Visit our "Profile" page on our website for more information.

These are companies that we introduce to our members supported by research provided from a respected third party that we believe are worthy of investment, but the focus is more on the short-term trade.


“Trading Alerts” will include a link(s) to independent research or “BUY recommendation reports suggesting purchase of the Company’s stock, a short description of the Company, and in some cases, we will conduct a Green Baron audio-taped webcast interview to allow a key person discuss the merits of the Company.

The Green Baron team of experts will sometimes come across a company that has tremendous upside potential.


We provide members concrete reasons and analysis why the stock should trade higher particularly over the short-term... Each of these trading ideas will be specifically identified as an "Alert"


The Green Baron Welcomes you to our website.  We offer investors stock picks in our newsletter The Green Baron Report.  Finally, a website that offers quality free stock picks instead of just quantity free stock picks!  There is also another major difference ... Our System Works!


Our experienced team of professionals created The Green Baron Report to give average investors hope, confidence and a strategic advantage in trading low priced stock picks that have significant upside potential.


All Green Baron Picks are carefully chosen companies that have proved to be some of the most profitable pick ideas for today and tomorrow ... Our Results are Real!


Companies featured by often see record setting volume and share price increases immediately following our initial profile. Over half of our fully profiled picks rally 100% or more! Our results are real and are proudly displayed throughout this website. Subscribe NOW to receive our FREE Green Baron Reports.  Put our system and our results to work for you today!

Note: Percentage results of previously profiled stock picks are based on the price of the stock immediately before our original profile report is emailed to members and the subsequent high that the stock hits.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Green Baron Stock Picks

ISME +900%* CRUS +231% CWLC +323% WRPR +323% WMB +812%
JADE +370% CYTP +177% APPA +456% PCSV +760% GLW +680%
MPTT +300% ENT +1088%**** USEY +302% AMTD +551% RRI +469%
PLRS +34% BCON +686% CPHD +140% WCOEQ +66% GLVP +8.1%
VNTB +53%  ALPE +14% TPBV +533% IDSM ***   --- CMGI +63%
AMCT +30% CWLC +56% DJRT +121% SEGB +636% PRRPF +203%

CMKX    ---

TPBV +42%** BAWC +15% TLPE +62% NCDP +100%
PNDR +52% TYRIA +88% TRBY +31% IMJX +400% ECGT +45%
MDA +192% PLNI +282% AGCI +35% BOCX +47% ASRNF +54%
AFNN +20% IRBL +121% SUWN +773% LWLL +40% FPGR  +20.5%
SYNI +86% VIVI +23% BLDV +64% GEEXE +179% NTLB +8.3%
CCMI +41% ECET+122% BIEL +16% DGLP +55% IFDG +152%
FMNJ +20% HSXI +30% CCMI +44% NLIA +200% GNXE +112%
IMYN +95% AXVC +58% ZNOM +7.2% GNAU +41% AXVC +54%
ESFS +256% TLAN +28.5% BNLB +627% BLVT +12% VIIC +50%
GSAE +298% OMCY +12.7% BCST +86% SRCO +8.7% GLXZ +124%
CAEH +94% VIVK  +30% SNEY +233% CHNC +7.14% ECTY**  +41.3%
SLGX +39% VSPC +25% AMKT +433% BIOR +405% FRDM +275%
XWND +140% VSPC +88% APIT +67% RENS +161% CTIX +426.67%
NVLX +950.84% CHWM +322% BLVT +79.24% FRDM +12.7% OMVE +75%
ECTH +140%  AMBS +11.7% GOHE +720% FNRG +41% PSI+12.54%
DJAK +60% WRAP +75% ITNS +75.14% PLSB +62.63% LFAP +25%
GOHE +645% NVLX +404.06% TRTB +25% PDGO +68% DBRM +15.96%
PRHL +26.08% MLCG +216.93% PSID +37% MVTG +28.26% PMCM
GOHE +64.2%        








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